Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I just got some of the pages for Jeffy the Terminally Ill Cupcake from Gonzo Systems, and it turning out better than I imagined it would. After putting our heads together we decided to put a couple of verses with some of the preliminary art work up on the blog.

Jeffy played baseball
at his neighborhood park.
Until one day a wild pitch
drew him in the dark.

His spirits were bright
as he sat on a bed.
The hospital nurses
had mended his head.

The doctor then entered
looking solemn and gray.
"Your armpits are swollen.
It's cancer, I say!"

There you go, I don't know about you; but the shit has been thoroughly knocked out of my ass. I'll be posting more awesomeness as it comes along.

CEO of Pictures

Saturday, October 24, 2009


After months of nothing I've got a few big announcements to make:

After months of just sitting around and not producing much, The Awesome Factory (Chris Lyons) and Gonzo Systems (Kyle Field) have teamed up to actually get work done! The most shocking thing is that work is actually getting done, crazy.

Adventures in Paying Rent is the official title of the activity book that I've been talking about for months. Once it gets back from my testers and the final touches are made its off the the printers and then into your hands by late November! There will be 35 pages of games, puzzles, and coloring fun all detailing just how sucky it is to be a grown up. It even comes complete with crayons, fuck yes!

Jeffy the Terminally Ill Cup Cake is the story of plucky young cup cake that is diagnosed with Non Hodgkin lymphoma. This is the first full collaboration between The Awesome factory and Gonzo Systems; it is currently in the writing phase and is slated to come out by late January or early February. It will come in a coloring book format and will include crayons with the final product.

I'll keep updating as I figure out more details.