Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adventures in Paying Rent

My crack team of testers are feverishly pawing over every page, squeezing out my minefield of spelling and grammatical errors. The crayons are being molded by small children in China as we speak, just waiting to be flown to my front door. The presses are hot and eagerly awaiting my comic deposit. Why would I be telling you all of this?

Oh I'll feed you baby birds.

Because feast your eyes on this sample page of Adventures in Paying Rent!
Print it out.
Color it in.
Rock your fucking socks off.
Your welcome.

CEO of Pictures

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Greetings from Gonzo System

Hey everyone,

Kyle Field here, President and Intern of Gonzo System.

As probably none of you are aware, GSP was founded in 2006 for the production of the 20 min. short film "Baby Wad" (which has yet to see the light of day). The past three years have been sleepy for this company (as in I haven't done jack shit), but lately the office has been bustling.

"Jeffy" has been the first project in collaboration with Awesome Factory, and so far all is looking great!

With the wheels turning again, more ideas are being crapped out each day. Why, just yesterday I made Chris spit coffee all over himself! A rare, but happy, moment for myself. Spit takes are always classic.

In the past, I've worked with Gary Holdsteady of the Minneapolis podcast Independent Stream ( and intend to bring some of my work from that medium to Awesome Factory. I've had the pleasure of putting out over 7 editions of "Gov't Fun Facts" for Independent Stream, and am eager to continue working on it some more.

That's, uh, really all I have.

Vaya con queso,
Kyle Field