Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lo and behold folks! "Adventures in Paying Rent Vol. 2" is almost finished. We have a tentative title right now for the book, but I'm not entirely sold on it. I don't want to insult my fans. Seriously (FYI it's about fast food) "Lord of the Fries" comes up 8,000 times on Google and we're goddamn better than that!

As long as you have no qualms about diving into a world of pure darkness, the book shall be fairly apt to those who frequent fast food joints and, even worse, those who are employed by such establishments.

In a seriousness, this is the first real writing challenge I've been handed with Mechanical Mariner. We've been a duo since the start, but AiPR was written entirely by Chris and Bitter Boy was entirely influenced by Chris, and this time around, fast food style, you are gonna read shit that came purely from my mind. Chris was my road block to stop shit from polluting/insulting you.

My darkness has its weaknesses, but it's not unstoppable. I hope you enjoy.
Just to give you some idea, at "Red Hot Art Festival" Chris ordered me not to show my drawings to his mother. I may be over-selling myself, but honestly, at this point, I really have no fucking idea!

Kyle Field
Head Writer/Chief Insurance Problem

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KFAI radio!

Hey kids!

In my last post (since deleted) I mentioned that we were going to be on public access TV. Well, I was all kinds of retarded with that information. We actually did a radio show with KFAI 90.3 for their program "Geek Report". We talk about some of our old stuff and some of our new stuff along with news about Ryan Dow and the film Machete. Sufficed to say, the room reeked of dork musk.

Let it be known across the land that we are hard at work at book #3 and that the writing process is nearly finished and that the art stage is chugging along. It will be a whopping 40 pages of fun and games (yes, 40 pages of our delicious, nutritious shit). Soon, we will be on the Independent Stream podcast to promote our babies, and the details will follow so you can download and enjoy.

I'm going to go back into my filthy bathroom with a shotgun and contemplate what it all means.

Kyle Field