Monday, May 17, 2010

SpringCon weekend wrap-up and updates

Hey kids,

Kyle here after an exciting weekend of awkward eye contact with strangers. For those of you who picked up our flier and are visiting our site: tits and welcome. Thank you for browsing our material, talking to us, and buying our book. As many of you know, our next (definite) show will be the Minneapolis Indie Expo in August. We may be at other things sooner, but the details haven't been ironed out yet.

We got some bright ideas in terms of table display and interactive activities with the fans that will surely blow your balls off! Be sure to stop by next time we're at a show to take part and see our new shit. We've disappointed our parents, but there's still time to work on all of you!

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! We are also working on setting up an online shop to buy our shit via interweb! Isn't that fucking great! No, seriously, it's fucking great because we know a lot of you work the time these shows go on, or just don't live quite close enough to pick one up. Also, a LOT of people have asked if we sell books online, so yeah, it's been due.

With my magical crayons at the show, I created "Skippy the Amazing Clown without Foresight". A comic book artist with agents sorta insulted me for it. It was Kevin Mellon of "Gear Head" fame. His words were, "I didn't say it was bad. It does get the point across."

I think that's enough for now.

Later foreskins,
Kyle Field

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