Monday, December 21, 2009

Our first activity book now available!

It's here!

Adventures in Paying Rent, the first publication by DIY wizards Mechanical Mariner is now available for purchase. Chock full of games and revulsion, this handsome activity book is great for rainy days or when the power has been out for extensive periods. Also makes a great gift!

Please contact Chris Lyons ( or Greg Holdsworth ( to obtain a copy.

Looking forward to our next project!

Kyle Field
Writing Director

Chris Lyons
Art Director

P.S. You're probably wondering just what in the hell Mechanical Mariner is? It's our publication's company name. Awesome Factory and Gonzo System have been confined to their respective, and proper, corners.


  1. I am seriously excited about picking up a copy! I assume this will be available at The Source on Dec 30th?

  2. I can't wait to get a copy and let the adventures begin!

  3. I gotta get to The Source to actually see the book in the store. That'll be tits.